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    Wonder Kelp

    SKU: ss24h037c
    Color: Cabbage
    • Reach your hand into the sea, swirl it around through the kelp forest, pull it out, and look into your palm under the dazzling sun. Kissed by the salty air, warm breeze, and vegetal scent, there lies the Wonder Kelp hair corsage (which can also be worn around the wrist or ankle).


      Materials: titanium mesh embellished with paillettes, 100% merino wool, nylon-polyester threads, glass, 14k yellow gold-filled details on stretch band with resin bead

      *Due to the handmade and organic nature of ALL isshī products, including the natural materials used, no two pieces are the same, and there may be slight variances in your delivered product.

      One Size: approximately 7x3 in


      100% handmade in NYC

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