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Bijoux Bra

SKU: ss24e041b
Color: Beach
  • It's time to turn up the heat with the hottest piece of body jewelry you could ever need! Bijoux bra can go on top of your favorite blouse or on top of NOTHING! 


    Materials: silver-plated hammered (tarnish-resistant) brass, pewter, freshwater pearls, and 14kt yellow gold-filled details on 100% cotton cord. finished with resin-encased ends.

    *Due to the handmade and organic nature of ALL isshī products, including the natural materials used, no two pieces are the same, and there may be slight variances in your delivered product.

    Bra length: 72 in, center strand: 5.5 in, nipple bijoux: 2x2 in, upper strap: 24 in


    100% handmade in NYC

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