st o     r     e      p  o l          i c      y

c u st    o    m e    r      c a    r         e

Isshī welcomes you into our Universe! We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of all of our accessories- putting your needs first. We work with natural materials, which means that NO two pieces are exactly alike. Think of it as a treasure that is unique to you, and only you! Sizing, color, and shape may slightly differ from piece to piece as well.

Isshī jewelry and accessories are made with love, time, and care, so be sure to take care of all of your treasures and keep them safe. We work with the highest quality of .925 sterling silver and 14kt (or higher) gold-filled details, in addition to a wide variety of freshwater pearls and natural elements (shells, stones, etc). Oxidization is a natural occurrence in jewelry, so be sure to keep your Isshī jewels in their designated dust bags, away from extreme temperatures, out of salt and chlorinated water, and away from body oils, lotions and perfumes. Wipe down any dirt that may get on your pieces with a soft cloth to prevent build up of any kind.

If you love your Isshī, it'll love you back!

c us    t     o m       p i     e c   e     s

Aside from our staple and seasonal collections, we offer a custom made service as well! This is a very exciting opportunity for us to marry our ideas with yours, and make something special and unique that's just for you. You may know what you want or you may have no clue. We're here to brainstorm together from the very beginning to the very end. Any idea can become a beautiful reality. 

For all custom made orders, email: and title your subject line "Custom Inquiry".

We can't wait to hear from you and see what magic we can make together!

1            o   f                                1

Our "1 of 1" edition pieces are exactly that... 1 of 1! We believe in individuality, uniqueness, and what it feels to have that special bond with a one of a kind token. Here at Isshī, we create a single and only copy of an accessory, and it's sold at a first come first serve basis. Stay tuned for all the surprises. Your guesses are as good as ours!

w  h o lesa   l    e   i nqu ir    i e     s

Email: and title your subject line "Wholeseale Inquiry".

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